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    Lana Shahin

    We have blown the candle for District 2452’s first birthday, and we are now planning, walking and working hand in hand to take District 2452 to its second birthday with remarkable successes. It’s never easy to nurture a child, but it is worthwhile when all are working passionately hard to make this child the best that can ever be.

    And when a child is born; new hopes, new visions, new plans and new milestones are born with it! The best part of this journey is that we set our plans, and we set our milestones and we work to achieve them. District 2452 is still new and raw, and even though we all have got an amazing experience coming out of District 2450 we still have a lot of work, planning and training to ensure that our new district has a one united synergy and is one of the best on all aspects.

    We decided this year to focus on:

    1. High Impact on Society: this means that we prefer to have lesser projects and bigger impact. It also means that we need strong Public Image and relationships to be able to reach out to a bigger public mass.
    2. We need to start thinking of sustainability. Sustainability in projects and sustainability within clubs. To have sustainable projects we need to think how the community can benefit for a long time, and to have sustainable clubs we need to think of retention, recruitment and proper Rotaract training to ensure that every Rotaractor is a leader in his community.
    3. And last but not least, we need to lead by example. This is our duty as civilians, as Rotarians and as rotaractors. With all that is happening around us in our region the only way we can help is by beginning with reforming ourselves to be able to start reforming our communities.

     “Brighten the Way” is inspired by the Rotary International theme and by our main focuses for this year. We need to light up our path to be able to walk and lead our communities. We need to have the light within to start brightening the lives of others.